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We are future focused, and know that many obstacles large and small, daily, weekly, and yearly are going to come our way, in all of our ways really, and it is that mental strength and resolve that "YES WE CAN" overcome that keeps us going every time.   We wanted to bring that same natural mental energy that keeps us on the offense pushing forward every time you peeled back the lid on one of our squeeze pops.  On we rock.  


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Everything can be overcome, but when life is throwing many things at us, it is important that we take one task at a time so as not to be overwhelmed by the total.  By piecing off one task at a time and focusing the appropriate energy required we can accomplish the overall mission.  One at a time, many times, and they add up.  Before you know you it you have done significant damage to the overall.  

Is there a better example of never give up than this?   There is a stigmatism attached to "food stamps", a sense of failure, or being a loser who can't make it.  But, keep in mind the US government gave the biggest, most successful banks in the world a version of "food stamps" back in the last recession.  

JK Rowling did what she had to do to ensure her family could eat and she could give the world an amazing collection of inspiring and imaginative stories.  From our darkest places can come some of our greatest feats.  

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The most common bit of advice we get from people is "have you thought about Shark Tank"?   We love the show but, to us it is kinda played out.  We think of ourselves as Sharks already, talk about confidence right?   

We know that to achieve our goal of getting our squeeze pops into every freezer on Earth we are going to need help to do it.   Gary Vee, is our guy.  His attitude, vision for the world, approach to business, and stay on offense mentality is exactly like ours.  We would like to keep his team cool by setting up freezers full of our squeeze pops in his location in NYC.  We believe he and his team can help us guide our story to the masses.  

Also, Gary when you are reading this, we know you love the Jets, and we do too (actually had a Bruce Harper and Mark Gastineau shirt) but, Tom Brady is a mega inspiration for his longevity and perseverance. 

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We are all in this together.  It's really that simple and that complex at the same time.  Each of us has a place, and each of us impacts the world around us.  Never forget the good of all, there is room for all, and we can together find the way.  

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We are huge admirers of the Lyrical Lemonade movement guided by the eyes and hand of Cole Bennett.  The come up is real.  He pushed aside any thoughts of can't do, and just thought "why not".  

We all get dealt cards to play, imagine if this was your hand: 

- you had childhood diabetes
- your Dad was an alcoholic, who died when you were a child
- your Mother was emotionally distant
- you didn't learn English until you were 9 years old
- you were born and raised in a gang infected housing project 

 Sonia Sotomayer overcame all this and more before she turned 10 years of age and now she is a Supreme Court Justice deciding some of the most pressing issues of our time.  

Keep pushing.  

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