We FreeStyle for FreeScoops

August 4, 2012

So yeah...we got up on ZAGAT.  Yes, ZAGAT.  How many rappers you know can say that?   Bet you Action Bronson with all his culinary skills never got propped on ZAGAT.  Sonning em.  

Why were we in ZAGAT?   Well, you know we got the fresh flavors and style, and you know we appreciate the freestyle life.  So, we kicked it out like, "who wants to Freestyle for a FreeScoop?"  Basic premise is this, we got an Orange bag and in that bag we got random items.  We pull a random item from the bag and you got 5 seconds to kick a rap about that object.  If you do within the 5 seconds you get a Free Scoop.  If you don't well you get a E for Effort.  

Want to practice?  


You know that I can flow hard, take rappers out the Grand Canyon and send em back on postcard, most charge for ill raps like these, but my mind is so ill i come off the top to the bottom of my Nikes, i might be, the coolest ICEY hustling bustling, from Bushwick to Broadway Junction...SON!!! 

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